Website Policy



Ohio Township owns and operates this Website as an enhancement to the governmental services that it provides and as an information service to its residents and the general public.

Furthermore, Ohio Township through this Website seeks to expand public involvement in township matters and to raise public awareness on issues critical to the smooth operation of government.

Ohio Township reserves the right to determine what information and services shall and shall not be placed on this Website.


A.   Accuracy

The township strives to present current and accurate information on this Website, but does not guarantee the accuracy or currency of information posted here.

B.   Notices of Public Hearings

When the township places notices of items on this Website, scheduled for upcoming public meeting or hearing, it does so only to facilitate public access to such information, as a supplement to the legally required methods of posting notices.

C.   Emailing to Township Officials and Employees

Persons submitting email comments or questions to Ohio Township officials or employees should be aware that the township cannot guarantee, nor does it represent that such communications will remain private or confidential. Similar to mailed or delivered comments, comments received via email may become subject to public disclosure under the Pennsylvania Right-To-Know Law.

D.   Linking Policy

This Website links only to the Websites of other governmental entities, utility companies that provide service to Ohio Township, and agencies providing public safety information.