Stormwater Management and MS4

Stormwater 101

Stormwater runoff is rainfall that flows over the ground surface and is created when rain falls on roads, driveways, parking lots, rooftops and other impervious surfaces. Runoff eventually enters into a storm system and then discharges into a stream or river. Stormwater runoff in Ohio Township discharges into the Ohio River.

As stormwater runoff flows over the ground, it picks up many pollutants such as sediment, fertilizers, pesticides, oil, trash, and debris which also discharge into local waterways. According to the Center for Watershed Protection, stormwater runoff is considered the number one cause of stream impairment in urban areas.

Stormwater Management

Ohio Township Stormwater Management Program

Pursuant to federal and state regulations, Ohio Township has implemented a Stormwater Management Program in order to reduce and eliminate polluted runoff from entering local waterways.

This is done by managing the Township’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, or MS4. The Township’s MS4 is essentially the storm system which is owned and managed by Ohio Township (i.e. township-owned roads and property). This may include anything that carries stormwater such as catch basins, pipes, ditches, and swales.

Click here to view Ohio Township’s written Stormwater Management Program and what is being done to reduce stormwater pollution. In addition to reducing pollution, the stormwater management program also aids in preventing flooding, protecting drinking water, enhancing infrastructure, and preventing erosion and sedimentation issues.
 MS4 System