Commercial Truck Enforcement Task Force

After an unfortunate, but yet preventable tragic accident that took the lives of a family in Richland Township, The Allegheny County District Attorney's Office felt the need for a proactive team to keep the public safe. Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A Zappala created a multi-jurisdictional task force focusing on commercial vehicle safety. Our department has several officers assigned to this team.

This team is tasked with such duties as weighing of trucks, checking brakes, brake lines, air lines, trailer connection compliance, and various our safety infractions often detected in commercial vehicle enforcement. Officers on this team range from officers at Northern Regional Police in Pine Township to officers in Millvale and Fox Chapel Boroughs. Officers assigned to this detail must have, at a minimum, certification in enforcement of The Pennsylvania Inspection Regulations, although many have enhanced training to include certification as weigh masters and certified truck inspectors.

This team is funded through The Allegheny County District Attorney's Office, not directly through tax monies, thereby saving our residents' tax monies. Because of this team falling under direction of The Allegheny County District Attorney, this enables the officers to conduct proactive patrols anywhere within Allegheny County while assigned to this detail.