West Hills DUI Checkpoint - Leetsdale Borough
West Hills DUI Checkpoint - The City of Pittsburgh

West Hills DUI Task Force

Realizing the proactive need to keep the public safe from alcohol and drug impaired drivers, The Ohio Township Police Department is also a member of The West Hills DUI Task Force. This task force is funded solely through grant monies and provided at no cost to our communities. It is a part time assignment, meaning officers can only participate if their primary assignment is not interfering with these duties. The task force was initiated by Moon Twp Police Department.  Several other participating communities include, Crescent, Findlay, Kennedy, North Fayette Townships, as well as Bellevue, Carnegie, Coraopolis, Edgeworth, Leetsdale, Robinson, and Sewickley Boroughs. The task force also regularly assists other regional task DUI task forces such as The North Hills DUI Task Force and The City of Pittsburgh DUI Task Force.

This task force is comprised of officers who have received specialized DUI training. The officers are required to have at a minimum, The NHTSA's Standardized Field Sobriety Testing certification. Although several officers have chosed to receive more enhanced training such as The NHTSA's Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement program. These certifications assure that all testing is done to standardized levels to standards set forth by The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
Officers assigned to this task force are given either a traditional stationary checkpoint, stopping all passing cars, or a roving patrols detail. With roving patrols, the officers patrol their own towns, looking for impaired drivers.