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Drug Task Forces

The Ohio Township Police Department is committed to the suppression of illegal drugs and narcotics. Through  combined efforts of local, state and federal agencies, we are able to actively pursue those groups or individuals who manufacture, distribute or sell illegal drugs within the jurisdictional boundaries of not only our contracted jurisdictions, but throughout Allegheny County and The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Although we recognize that total elimination of drug law violations and their satellite crimes of violence, theft, robbery and fraud are unlikely; it must remain our number one goal. Drug crimes are both a cause and an effect, which make them difficult to combat. While we ask our communities to be patient, persistent and dedicated to our goal, we must act swiftly and prudently in the public interest.

Due to the covert nature of drug transactions and the need for specialized abilities, our department not only cooperates but has officers and employees assigned to various drug enforcement duties. We have employees assigned to The United States' Drug Enforcement Agency, The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office Bureau of Narcotics Investigation, and The Allegheny County District Attorney Narcotics Enforcement Team. The opportunities are on a voluntary basis and officers must undergo undercover narcotics training prior to being assigned to these details.

Due to the secretive, covert nature of narcotics work, officers must sometimes change their appearances in order to appear in their assigned roles. In general, our officers have made drug purchases, participated in search warrants, seized guns, drugs, and monies.

Most recently, several high profile cases involved officers from our department who were assigned to The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office Bureau of Narcotics Investigations and played an undercover role in the take down of several large drug organizations.