Chief of Police

Chief Joseph P Hanny, a local resident, was appointed Chief of Police for the police department on May 11, 2018.  Benefitting from twenty years’ experience policing the communities served by Ohio Township Police, Chief Hanny is excited for the opportunity to lead the very agency where he began his policing career.


His career began as most officers do, as a uniformed patrol officer. After mastering his skills as a patrolman, he was promoted to the lead detective position for the agency. This was quite an accomplishment for an agency which did not previously have a formally established investigation division. Drawing on his patrol and later investigative experience, Chief Hanny expertly solved, prosecuted, and convicted numerous burglaries, thefts, sexual assaults, robberies, and computer crimes. He also developed contacts and coordinated multi-agency efforts on federal, state, and county levels to apprehend criminals, share information, and solve crimes. He spearheaded the development and installation of a multi-community surveillance program to assist in crime solving and continues to work closely with The Avonworth School District on various safety initiatives.


In addition to his service to The Ohio Township Police Department, Chief Hanny is a veteran of The United States Army with twenty-one years of leadership experience. While in the army, he managed soldiers in various capacities, including several deployments in combat zones in the Middle East. He has received numerous awards and citations during his tenure in the army before honorably retiring at the rank of Master Sergeant.


Chief Hanny maintains a very close relationship to the communities not only through policing, but through Avonworth Athletics, where he is often found. He plans to draw upon his long-standing experience with The Ohio Township Police Department, coupled with his strong military leadership skills and ties to the community, as he leads the officers of The Ohio Township Police Department