Ofc Wallace and former Officer CAK
Ofc Wallace and Rico
Rico "alerting" to the presence of narcotics in a suspect's vehicle
Rico 2.jpg
Rico relaxing at the station with his favorite toy
Rico at Target's National Night Out (8/2010)

Canine Division

     The Ohio Township Police K-9 service was formed in the year 2000.  The original canine team was Officer Eric Wallace and german shepard CAK, pronounced "chook". In 2009, CAK retired and was replaced by a Belgian Malinois named Rico. IN July 2018, Rico retired from active duty, and remains a pet for Officer Wallace and his family. 

    Officer Wallace is currently training a new dog at Shallow Creek Kennels, with funding graciously provided by The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation. Stay tuned for more information on Rico's replacement. 

Officer Wallace has followed in his father's footseps in that his father was both a police officer and a canine handler for the US Military.