May 2018 - dept photo with then Chief Norbert M Micklos

The Ohio Township Police Department

 The Ohio Township Police Department is a full service, full time police department serving not only Ohio Township, but through contractual agreements, The Townships of Aleppo, Kilbuck, and Neville and The Boroughs of Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, Emsworth and Sewickley Hills. The department has a staffing of 29 certified police officers, 21 being employed full time, and the remaining employed on a part time basis.

The Ohio Township Police Department maintains a Polaris six wheel drive vehicle and and two AM General HMMV H1s for extreme off road incidents.  Given the homeland security nature of chemical plants on Neville Island, we have created a Maritime Law Enforcement Division by acquiring two patrol boats for use on The Ohio River.



The Ohio Township Police Department has pioneered the theory of contractual law enforcement. We provide law enforcement services to local communities. We provide moderate term contracts of 4-5 years so as to provide a municipality with options for renegotiating. Additionally, these communities only pay for the basic services of one patrol officer. By pooling financial resources it saves tax payer dollars. Although each town only pays for one patrol officer, every available resource of the department is available to that community at no extra cost. This includes access to the 4-8 on duty officers, The Criminal Investigations and Canine Divisions, as well as such specialized services such as The North Hills Special Response Team (SWAT), The West Hills DUI Task Force, and Drug Task Force.