Road Department

The Road Department is located at 1719 Roosevelt Road behind the municipal building. The department consists of the Director of Public Works, a Road Foreman, 7 full time Laborers, and 2 Mechanics. The Director of Public Works oversees and directs all road work operations within the township. 

The department is responsible for maintaining over 13 miles of township roads, performing snow removal on all roads (except county and private lanes), maintains all the township equipment, police vehicles, and grounds at the municipal building, township park and the Nicholson Road ballfield.

The Road Department is most notable for having the equipment and ability to reconstruct and pave our own roads thus saving the township thousands of dollars in construction costs.

Pictured: Ohio Township Manager Justin Klingenberg, Director of Public Works Luke Miller, Joe Yakich, Tyler Scherling; Road Foreman Ken Munsch, Brian Verlihay, Eric Condrin, Mike Hartle, Brian Clark, Joe Houston, Sean Komer, Eric Neurohr, Matt Manz