The ability of a business to engage with our residents is generally protected speech, and the Township intends only to impose the minimum requirements necessary to protect the health, welfare, safety and solitude of the Township residents.  Nothing in this process is meant to interfere with constitutionally protected rights.

Businesses and Peddlers must obtain a permit from the Township or Borough of the town they wish to solicit door to door.

The Township offers a "Do Not Knock" list if you would rather not to be visited.

Solicitors are required to obey a “No Soliciting” sign posted by your doorway or mailbox.

Township residents must register their home address on the Do Not Knock list every two years.

Individuals going door-to-door not selling anything are not required to have a permit. Examples include: conducting surveys, distributing religious literature, and political canvassing.

If you suspect that someone may not be a legitimate solicitor, call 911 and have an officer respond.


Do Not Knock List Registration