Corporal Simcoviak
Cpl. Simcoviak and 911 Van
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Ohio Township Police School Resource Officer

Corporal Christopher Simcoviak, School Resource Officer

What is a School Resource Officer (SRO)?

According to the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) the school resource officer program is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of a law enforcement officer within the educational environment on several different levels. The officer is involved in a variety of functions.

·         As a visible, active law enforcement figure on campus dealing with any law related issues.

·         As a classroom resource for instruction in the following areas: law related education, violence diffusion, safety programs, alcohol and drug prevention, crime prevention and other areas.

·         As a member of the faculty and administrative team working hand in hand to solve problems in the school community.

·         As a resource for students which will enable students to be associated with a law enforcement figure in the student's environment.

·         As a resource to teachers, parents and students for conferences on an individual basis, dealing with individual problems or questions.

·         As a counseling resource in areas which may affect the educational environment but may be of a law related nature.

What are the goals of an SRO?

·         Bridge the gap between police officer and young people and increase positive attitudes toward law enforcement.

·         Teach the value of the legal system.

·         Promote respect for people and property.

·         Reduce juvenile crime by helping students formulate an awareness of rules, authority and justice.

·         Take a personal interest in students and their activities.

·         To allow students access to the legal system.

·         To give students a realistic picture of our laws and legal systems so they will have an investment in supporting and improving it.

·         Teach students how to avoid becoming a victim through self awareness and crime prevention.


About Corporal Simcoviak

Corporal Simcoviak is an officer with the Ohio Township Police Department. A graduate of Hampton High School, Simcoviak earned an Associates Degree in Business Organization and completed the Act 120 Westmoreland County Municipal Police Officers Training Academy.


A certified School Resource Officer, Simcoviak has completed training in many areas, including crime prevention, drug abuse and resistance education, domestic violence detection and prevention, and terrorism awareness.


In addition to his School Resource Officer certification, Corporal Simcoviak has earned the following certifications:

·         Basic Crime Prevention Practitioner

·         Charlie Check Program (Safety Kids, Inc.)

·         Child Abuse, Reporting and Investigation (US Department of Justice)

·         Cops in Schools: Training and Technical Assistance

·         Critical Incident Response to School Emergencies (Pennsylvania State University)

·         Drug Abuse Resistance Education

·         Drug Awareness and Investigation in Schools

·         Field Officer Program (Pennsylvania State University)

·         International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners

·         Multi-Hazard Safe Schools (PEMA and the AIU)

·         Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

·         Polariod School of Law Enforcement Imaging (related to Domestic Violence)

·         School Violence Issues/Protecting Our Schools in PA

·         Supervisor In Service Training (Pennsylvania State University)

·         Terrorism Awareness Program (PCCD)