On January 1, 2024 all metered OTSA customers will be billed a quarterly sewer base charge of $62.58 and a volume charge of $11.07 / 1,000 gallons of water used as reported by West View Water.  

Unmetered Residential Customers will be billed $283.98 / quarter.
Unmetered Commercial Customers will be billed $505.38 / quarter.
Unmetered customers who wish to be charged for the exact amount of water used may wish to purchase a meter. They are available at the sanitary office for a cost of $425.00.  This price includes the required inspection by NIRA Engineering.

Customers who have in-ground sprinkler systems qualify to participate in a deduct meter program. By enrolling in this program, customers are credited for water that flows through their sprinkler systems thereby reducing their sewage bills. Contact the sanitary office at (412) 364-4549 for more details.