Child Safety Seats

The Ohio Township Police Department has several police officers nationally certified as Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) through The National Child Passenger Safety Certification program. The Ohio Township Police Department has also received NHTSA accredidation as an approved child safety seat inspection station as well. These officers have attended an intensive training program followed by written and practical testing to assure they are proficient in the safest techniques for child passenger safety, a curriculm provided by The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. As CPSTs, our officers will meet with you and provide one-on-one personalized instruction on how to properly use your child's car seat. 

There is a lot more which goes into installing a child safety seat than simply buckling it in and thinking it's complete. Often times, people are surprised to hear the complexity involved in making sure a child's seat is safely installed. Such mistakes often include, is the seat properly angled for an infant's head, has the expiration date been checked (What? an expiration date?.. yes, they do expire,) has the product registration been sent back to the manufacturer (please do this,) or are both the traditional seat belt and the newer LATCH devices being used at the same time (NO!)

These are frequently observed misuses our CPSTs find when doing child car seats. We want your children to be as safe as possible. If you would like to have your installed car seat inspected, or to have one installed, we would be glad to do so for you. We ask you smiply contact us and set up a prearranged appointment time. 


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