Towing Agencies

In the event a vehicle needs towed, we make every effort to be accommodating to the driver's requested towing agency. Due to our priority of clearing the roadway of crashed or disabled vehicles, immediate needs may require one of our local towing agencies tow the vehicle. In the event a vehicle is removed from the roadway by one of our local towing agencies, or if a vehicle is impounded, the following towing companies are utilized:



Mike Joyce Towing

403 Mt Nebo Road Pittsburgh Pa 15237

(412) 366-4100

Servicing The Townships of Ohio and Kilbuck as well as The Boroughs of Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, Emsworth, and Sewickley Hills.


Phillips Service

2900 Neville Road Pittsburgh Pa 15225

(412) 771-4475

Servicing Neville Township.